Living Room

This contemporary music trio have been close friends for over fifty years and counting. The married couple Char and Jim have been playing music together since they first met thirty-eight years ago. Bruce and Jim have been buds since they were twelve, having their young minds blown listening to the Beatles, James Brown, you name it. And, as they say folks, the rest is history. They wanted to do what their musical heroes were doing, and they’ve been playing guitar and singing ever since. This semi-acoustic trio, from Milwaukee, WI. covers a wide variety of musical styles and tastes, serving-up genres of folk, country and Americana, spiced with a touch of rock and blues. They put their own spin on each song, incorporating sweet and soaring three part harmonies accompanied by a weaving blend of acoustic and electric guitars accented with a variety of hand percussion. While reaching for inspiring musical heights, the group truly enjoys making music together, having fun and sharing that feeling of well-being with others. As the group’s name suggests, Living Room is a place to share our common human experience of being alive, together in melody, harmony and song. Bruce, Char and Jim will be making music as long as they breathe. As breathing fills us with being alive, music fills us with Living Room. For music lovers, music is a shared grace beyond description.