Healing Nature Trail (Forest Bathing)

To sign up for a guided Healing Nature outing on the Wabeno Boardwalk & Nature Trail, come to the Teaching Drum display area on the lawn in front of the Logging Museum. And meet there again at 2 o’clock for your guided nature walk.

The Teaching Drum Outdoor School is the only long-term wilderness experience of its kind and it is right near here in Three Lakes, WI. Their mission is to help others reconnect with nature and find balance within.  Teaching Drum Wilderness Guide Program .

During WAM Fest:

Healing Nature Trail – Enjoy a healing treatment by Nature and learn how simply being outdoors can improve your quality of life exponentially. Join the boardwalk tour at 2 p.m.

Experience Nature’s Healing Energy


Did you know that nature has healing powers that you can benefit from by just taking a short walk in the woods, or along a stream? All it takes is enjoying the view and breathing deeply.  The aromatic essences released by trees strengthen your immune system, and negative ions generated by flowing water help lift your spirits. Taking in a panoramic vista helps release pent-up feelings, and it opens the mind to new ways of seeing things. You heal 30% faster from major illnesses or injuries by spending just fifteen minutes a day out in nature.

Would you like to learn more—and have the opportunity to experience it? Come sign up for the 40-minute walk at the lawn in front of the Logging Museum And meet there again at 2 o’clock, for a guided Healing Nature Outing on the boardwalk trail behind the Pavilion.