Larry Seiler

Larry Seiler will perform at the Band Shell at 12:45 to 1:30 pm

Larry Seiler has been playing guitar since 1979, played in a several bands — hard rock, jazz and folk fusion—mostly in coffeehouses, Borders Books and Music, festivals, eateries, and even prisons. In  1999, Larry accepted an art teaching position for Laona Public Schools. Larry focused on teaching and painting and no longer played in a band. Over the years he rediscovered his acoustic guitar and created  instrumental fills for audio tracs on painting DVDs he produced.  Larry has produced an heartfelt trilogy of three CDs, the first “Desert Muses”…the second “Wilderness Wanderings” and the current work in progress “Wandering No More”  Larry comes from an artistic, musical  family. His  86 year old mother still performs country music, a brother was an actor, musician and graphic artist and a sister is a singer songwriter blues artist with her band “Big Mouth Girl”.

Musically Larry puts a unique acoustic spin on 60s and 70s classics such as Neil Young, the Beatles, blues such as Skip James, Son House, Eric Clapton, and Robert Johnson, and more contemporary from U2 to Cyndi Lauper, Sting …plus his original music.