Ken Bailey, Cartoonist

Ken Bailey will demonstrate how he makes cartoons at the WAM Fest Folk Art Mart during 11 am to 5 pm —

Ken Bailey is a lifelong hobby cartoonist and caricaturist, with a specialty in creating/writing/drawing full-length comic books using the old-fashioned pen-and-paper method to create his work. Ken creates all his own characters and storylines. The current series, THE MIGHTY ENERGYGIRL, follows the life of a veteran female superhero married to a mortal man, who is both a substitute schoolteacher and the town superhero in Fairview, Illinois, a city of about 70,000 people.

Since the character’s creation in 2004, he has produced 34 full-length comic books featuring EnergyGirl and her universe plus about forty “vignettes” which are sequential art stories too short to be comic books. Single-page stand-along action sketches will be available for purchase. Ken’s comics are rated “PG”, for teens and adults.

Ken will demonstrate and describe how he creates each page using a four-step system; pencil layout, light black inking first pass, heavy black inking second pass, and finally colorizing. Watch Ken as he creates comic images or caricatures .