Jutta & the Hi-Dukes

From a slamming six-piece band that will rock the largest festival to a budget-pleasing duet or trio, this energetic group transports your soul (and soles), on an exciting worldbeat dance tour.

This Evanston-based band’s unusual instrumentation compliments its eclectic repertoire. Mandolin, Violin, Bulgarian Flute, Guitar, Greek Baglama, Ocarina, and Percussion, with two to three voices singing in over ten languages, create an ever-changing spectrum of musical color, crossing musical borders with, for example, a Bulgarian Flute on a Danish tune. The goal: a super sound with a great groove.

Formed in 1990, they perform internationally at venues such as the Winnipeg Folk Festival, Chicago’s Folk and Roots Fest, Taste of Chicago, and the Univ. of Missouri-St. Louis International Performing Arts Series. Fests like Michgan’s Blissfest and Wisconsin’s Shawano Fest have repeatedly asked the Hi-Dukes back.