Ken Dennison

I have been playing and writing since the age of 13. Self-taught, I started with rock and punk rock bands (Vandals, Tyrants and Minors) in the late 70’s, early 80’s, penning many songs including the blues tinged “Slime Dog” and the sugary-pop laced “Hard To Get.” I’ve continued to be involved in the music business my entire life and continue to play and write. I have a 2016 release called, “Salvation & Sin.” This 5 track CD contains songs written and performed entirely on Cigar Box Guitars. Which leads me to my latest passion… Since 2007 I have been building cigar box guitars! What started as a simple home made Christmas exchange gift, has turned into a small, musical folk-art business that I call, Turtle Box Guitars. The name stems from my Oneida heritage (I’m an enrolled member of the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin) and comes from my clan designation, The Turtle. My musical style reflect my Blues roots ( I was born in Chicago), with some pop sensibility. “3 chords and some God fearing Soul!” Growing up I listened to the Beatles, The Kinks, The Who, as well as Classic Country Artists such as Ray Price, Kris  Kristofferson, Marty Robbins and so many more. My musical motto is; “Song I like and others I write.” I figure if I’m going to cover a song from another artist, I want to have a connection to the song and the artist. I have been blessed my entire life to be surrounded by a loving family (wife Pam, son Matt and daughter Gracie) as well as my parents who have supported my passion for music. It’s a gift given to me by God, and I love sharing my gift!