Nervous Hermus & the Buskers

Nervous Hermus & the Buskers is an Alternative Rock Music project founded by Benjamin “Boomer” Hermus in 2006 in Central Indiana, USA, and recently relocated to Wabeno, Wisconsin, USA in the autumn of 2020. Since the relocation, Hermus has been joined by drummer Ryan McFadden of Elcho, Wisconsin, USA.  In the winter of 2020/2021, Hermus went on tour with friend and fellow musician, Sietch Ramshackle of Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. The cleverly named Grit and Gravel tour extended from Oshkosh, Wisconsin, through Chicago, Illinois and as far west as Joplin, Missouri. The sound of Nervous Hermus & the Buskers has been described as “a jam band without the tangents” and “atmospheric at times as an electric guitar fuzz slowly materializes behind the soft strum of an acoustic guitar.” They intend to make the biggest sounds with the fewest amount of instruments.  Hermus has officially released two EP albums to all digital streaming services and is currently working on a full length album with McFadden and other musicians. Nervous Hermus & the Buskers have been performing their original music in the Northeastern Wisconsin area as of late with no plans of stopping anytime soon!