Neal Schlachter

Is it Neal OR is it Willie; only your dog knows for sure!

Hailing from Madison WI, “My Rich Uncle Willie” duo features Neal Schlachter (a retired airline pilot) on guitar, harmonica and vocals and Jeffrey Root (a retired medical photographer) who has played bass and backing vocals in regional award winning bands for several decades.  Neal has the innate ability to channel Willie Nelson’s voice and playing style strikingly well plus a life long love of Willie’s music hence the band name.  When people hear Neal singing for the very first time it is a common occurrence for them to do a double take and look to see if Willie didn’t just take the stage by surprise.  Some say, the same is true of dogs with exceptionally fine taste.  That however is not the whole story.  “My Rich Uncle Willie” is also adept at playing well known songs by James Taylor, America, Neil Young, Eagles, Bob Seger, Marshall Tucker and many other great artists.