Cindy Foss

Wisconsin born and raised, Cindy has been singing and writing songs since an early age.  Recording her first record at age 16, with Racine, Wisconsin based group ERIN (featuring The Mears Brothers) Cindy later moved to Nashville, Tennessee at age 26.  The first recording from that era began in 1990 and was released in 2001, Cindy Foss “Next Time” featuring the title track, a song Cindy wrote with hit songwriter and producer Don King, Jr.  A music video followed with Producer King.  Cindy and King continue to co-write in Nashville.

In 2015, another song off the “Next Time” album was featured in an independent Sundance Film Festival smash starring Kevin Bacon.  Cop Car, co-staring Camryn Manheim catapulted Director Jon Watts’ career in film.  His current credits include directing the Marvel Cinematic Universe superhero films Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far from Home, and the upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home; and since signed to direct the MCU’s Fantastic Four.  The song “She’s Got You Right Where I Want You”, was written by The Mears Brothers and appears in a pivotal scene in the movie with Manheim.  A thrill indeed, although unfortunately/inadvertently, Cindy’s name is not listed on the credits of the film.  Maybe “Next Time”.

Currently, producer and legendary recording engineer, Bobby Bradley is placing the final touches on Cindy’s memoir collection titled “Cindy Foss, The Nashville Sessions”.  A 30-year compilation of songs written or co-written by Foss, including some that she was the first to record for other Nashville songwriters over the years.  The project is due to be released during Summer 2022. 

Cindy resides in Nashville yet today; however, is spearheading an effort to bring other Nashville Artists to the Northwoods to perform live shows at a new Forest County area venue named Club Cavour. For information on Club Cavour, and 2022 performance schedule, call 715-674-7777.