Historic Wabeno Art Challenge

(WABENO, WISCONSIN)  The Friends of Wabeno invite area artists to the 1st Historic Wabeno Art Challenge.  

Call to All Area Artists

The Historic Wabeno Art Challenge is open to anyone who would like to create an original piece of artwork showcasing Wabeno’s history and display their art at the Wabeno Logging Museum over a two month period this summer.  There will be awards and an opportunity for artists to sell their work.

The Historic Wabeno Art Challenge is designed to encourage area artists to create and share their talents and promote Wabeno’s place in history in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. The art challenge is being held as part of Wabeno Art & Music Festival on Saturday August 1, 2020.

From June 5th to August 1st during WAM Fest, members of the community and visitors to the Wabeno Logging Museum will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite work of art and enter a bid to purchase one or more pieces of artwork.

WAM Fest coordinator, Mary Beck, thinks “This is a great opportunity for individuals or groups of artists to share their creative vision of the early years of Wabeno. Given 3 months to create and then 2 months to show and sell it, provides great exposure for the artist and provides exposure to a variety of art forms for our community and visitors all in one location!” 

At this time area artists interested in participating are encouraged to apply for the Historic Wabeno Art Challenge online or pick up an application at the Wabeno Public Library.

If you have questions, contact Mary at mfbeck@charter.net or 608-628-0757 or send a message through the website.

Historic Art Challenge Guidelines

Historic Art Challenge Entry/Application Form

Art Resources and Ideas

Additional Resources to Acquaint You with Wabeno History:
Vintage photos
Mix of vintage and more recent photos of Wabeno
Wisconsin Historical Markers
history of forest and logging, Potawatomi Chief Shopadock
Newer town buildings, boardwalk, Larry Logroller mixed with old
Historical Attractions
A History of Wabeno
Walking Tour of Wabeno’s Historic Logging Community and Parks
Walking Tour of the Historical Logging Town of Wabeno, Wisconsin

Some Ideas and Examples for Art Challenge:

  • 5 ft. tall Outdoor “Larry the Logroller” – creatively painted
  • Brook trout or local birds, water animals, deer in sculpture, fabric, found objects, metal, glass, mosaic, wood
  • 1890’s style quilt or appliqued boardwalk and nature trail landscape
  • Oils/acrylic/chalk/watercolor etc of historic sites, artifacts, Forest County Potawatomi Chiefs
  • 1910 Merry-go-round—any medium—while the ‘horses’ aren’t visible in this photo they are there. The Merry-go-round was powered by steam.