Historical Wabeno Art Challenge

A Few Moments in the History of Wabeno, Wisconsin

Additional Resources to Acquaint You with Wabeno History:
Vintage photos
Mix of vintage and more recent photos of Wabeno
Wisconsin Historical Markers
history of forest and logging, Potawatomi Chief Shopadock
Newer town buildings, boardwalk, Larry Logroller mixed with old
Historical Attractions
A History of Wabeno
Walking Tour of Wabeno’s Historic Logging Community and Parks
Walking Tour of the Historical Logging Town of Wabeno, Wisconsin

Visual Artists: Register Here for Plein Air Competition (rules and application form)

Some Ideas for Art Challenge:

  • 5 ft. tall Outdoor “Larry the Logroller” – creatively painted
  • Brook trout or local birds, water animals, deer in sculpture, fabric, found objects, metal, glass, mosaic, wood
  • 1890’s style quilt or appliqued boardwalk and nature trail lanscape
  • Oils/acrylic/chalk/watercolor etc of historic sites, artifacts, FC Potawatomi Chiefs
  • 1910 Merry-go-round—any medium—while the ‘horses’ aren’t visible in this photo they are there. The Merry-go-round was powered by steam.